Monday, August 13, 2012

Win $500 (and meet the Rockin' Guitar)

It's funny that LeapFrog sent me this product, because just the day or two before it arrived my boys were pretending to be rock stars-sunglasses, microphones and self made stage with decorations and all. What is is about kids-they love this sort of thing! They were pretty cute rock stars if you ask me. 

So the new guitar was a big hit. Of course, there have been plenty of fights over this Rockin' Guitar and who gets to play with it. So many that eventually I had to put it on top of the fridge for a while. I think they like it? 

If your kid loves this sort of thing you just might win $500. Hey, that sounds pretty good right?! 

It's as easy as this-grab a guitar. You can use this Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar or you can use any play guitar (or even a real guitar if you want to let your kiddo use your real one.) Tell your little one to rock out. Sit back and enjoy. Take a video of it, upload it to LeapFrog and share it on facebook and then have your family and friends vote. And you could win the big prize. (Get the full details here)

Now here's the thing. I am technologically challenged right now. I have no smart phone or fancy digital video camera that will easily allow me to upload a video of my kids' rock show. (And hey, even my simple cell phone went for a swim the other day and is not working.) So I can't show you a video of my kids' show. But I bet you have something that takes video right? And how long is this going to take you? Like 10-20 minutes.

Here's my crazy playing his guitar:

So, what should you do now? Get your kids together, make a video and enter to win. What song will your kids rock out to? My kid's favorites right now-Call Me Maybe or You Don't Know You're Beautiful.

Want the full run down about the Rockin' Guitar? It's similar to the School Bus, but it's a guitar. You hold it just like a guitar and it even has a shoulder strap. Then you strum it just like a guitar too. Pretty cool. See the full details here.

Here are a few guidelines for the contest:

• Try to find a well lit place to record your video
• Keep your video to a maximum of 2 minutes
• Avoid using a camera with low quality movie abilities (like a cell phone)
• Check the video before posting. Can you hear yourself? How's the picture quality?

Be sure to read the full guidelines before you enter and GOOD LUCK!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and was given free product by LeapFrog.  The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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