Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot Pink and Ruffles-Do Over Moment

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was the first and only daughter of her loving parents, lived happily in a nice home with several younger brothers and was well cared for. She had a very happy life.

One day her grandmother took her shopping. Stopping at a cute, pink, ruffly dress and admiring it, the grandmother dreamed of the cute 3 year old girl wearing just such a dress.
 Image Source: Baby Bellisimo

Sensing the grandmother's thoughts, the 3 year old girl pronounced to her grandma "If you're thinking of buying that for me Grandma, don't. It's ugly." Sighing, the grandmother put the dress back on the rack and moved on.

You see, this little girl was something of a tom boy (and certainly had strong opinions about what she would and would not wear). Pink and ruffles and dresses were not for her. Playing sports, wrestling with her brothers and wearing jean with big holes in the knees were more her style.

As her mother raised 4 younger brothers and no other daughters, she often begged the little girl to wear something "girly" but the little girl frankly refused.

And then one day, something happened. The little girl grew up. She was an adult now. Suddenly she found herself with a new favorite color. Hot pink.

And suddenly she dreamed of wearing a flouncy, frilly, pettiskirt.
 Image Source: Vintage Gypsy Mama

But alas, it was too late. Adults don't wear flouncy hot pink pettiskirts. At least not respectably.

And so now I, (yes, this little girl is me) and left to make cute baby girl dresses for baby girls that don't exist in my family:

Baby Girl Peasant Dress and Accessories

And I get my ruffles in with cute aprons:
Free 4th of July Apron Pattern and Tutorial

And on that one special day of the year I do get to add a little flounce to my style:

But mostly, I think I missed my chance for pink frills and ruffles. If I could get a Do Over, perhaps there were be more pink pettiskirts in my life. Can't you just see me twirling around in my hot pink ruffly skirt? My mom might faint.

What's your Do Over? Something you'd do differently if you could do it again? Maybe a bad haircut or outfit? Hobby you missed out on in life? Frog you wished you never kissed? Let's hear it! Come on, you know you want to share.

Frigidaire wants you to avoid those "Do Overs" at least when it comes to dishes. (Sounds good to me!)

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